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[Sep-19] Intelligent marketing on social networks

Seminar of Institute of Information Systems and Applications

Speaker :

鄧雅文 Dr. Ya-Wen Teng

CITI, Sinica 博士後研究

Topic :

Intelligent marketing on social networks

Date :

13:30-15:00 Wednesday 19-Sep-2018

Place :

台達館R105Delta Building R105

Host :

Prof. Chih Ya Shen


As the social networking websites arise, more and more people are used to communicating and sharing with each other through the social networks, which leads to the phenomena of social influences. Such phenomena provide a great chance of marketing and are able to benefit the real world business applications. In this talk, we are interested in two practical issues about marketing on social networks. In particular, we address the revenue maximization problems with a quantity constraint and on the multi-grade product, respectively. For each problem, we propose algorithms to solve the problem, and conduct experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness.



Ya-Wen Teng received the BS degree in Computer Science from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, the MS degree in Computer Science from National Chengchi University, Taiwan, and the PhD degree in the Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University, Taiwan. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Research Center of Information Technology
Innovation (CITI) in the Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Her research interest is mainly in social network analysis.


All faculties and students are welcome to join.