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[May-23] 英文寫作有訣竅

Seminar of Institute of Information Systems and Applications

Speaker :

Prof. Meichun Liu (刘美君)

Department of Linguistics and Translation at City University of Hong Kong

Topic :


Date :

15:30-17:30 Wednesday 23-May-2018

Place :

台達館R107Delta Building R107

Host :

Prof. Jason S. Chang




如何寫出漂亮的英文?如何避免中式英文? 關鍵在於: 建立起英文式的思考模式,並養成英語式的溝通習慣。劉美君教授認為不同語言有不同的語性,要掌握寫作訣竅就必須先了解不同語性的溝通特點,由文法到寫作,從理解到活用!在【英文文法有道理】和【英文寫作有訣竅】兩本書中,針對台灣學生常見的問題,提出明確的語性分析與具體的寫作方案。透過三進式的構思原則與五大寫作訣竅,培養英文式思考的習慣並減低中英思維混用的情形,讓學習者能夠簡單上手,把握訣竅,有效溝通。




Prof. Meichun Liu (刘美君) is currently the Head of the Department of Linguistics and Translation at City University of Hong Kong, and Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Humanities. She is previously Professor in Linguistics at the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. Her areas of expertise are in functional syntax, lexical semantics, corpus linguistics and cognitive linguistics. She has received consecutive research grants from Taiwan MOST for pioneering work on Mandarin verb semantics and is currently building a lexical knowledge database, the Mandarin VerbNet.


        Prof. Liu received her PhD in Linguistics in 1993 from University of Colorado at Boulder with a Certificate in Cognitive Science. She did her post-doctoral research in the CKIP group at the Institute of Information Science in Academia Sinica, working closely with NLP and corpus linguists. She was then recruited by National Chiao Tung University as one of the founding faculty of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures in 1994. She was also a Visiting Scholar at the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Stanford University in 2012-13 and at the Department of Linguistics, University of Colorado at Boulder in 2000. She has also served as the NCTU Director of International Exchange, the NCTU Library Director, and the Department Chair. She is currently a panel member of the Hong Kong RGC Humanities Panel for Joint Research Scheme and has been an Excom member of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL), Board member of the Linguistic Society of Taiwan (LSA), and Steering committee member of the Chinese Lexical Semantic Workshop (CLSW).


Professor Liu has won three Excellent Teaching Awards, one Excellent Advisor award, NCTU Book Publication Award, and Pursuit of Excellency Research Grant. She has directed over 60+ graduate students and 5 of them have won the LST thesis awards. She offered 9 OCW and 1 MOOC classes to promote public learning outside the campus. Her class on the Communicative Functions of English is ranked #1 in popularity among all the OCW courses offered by NCTU. She has published about 30 international journal papers, 20 book chapters and 3 books, including two best-sellers, Making Sense of English Grammar and Making sense of English Writing. As a functional linguist, she believes that linguistic research should help ‘make sense’ of languages and facilitate language-related applications and knowledge transfer.


All faculties and students are welcome to join.